2014 Mini Cooper S – Review

Adding to the 2014 Mini Cooper hardtop review posted previously, the newly redesigned Cooper S model is a stylish, fun and powerful little hatchback that will certainly provide you with hours of driving pleasure.

2014 Mini Cooper S

2014 Mini Cooper S

If the 2014 Mini Cooper S happens across your path in your search for a fun-to-drive small car, it will not disappoint you. Like its base model sibling, the ‘S’ trim will provide responsive handling and smooth downshifts, but also ups the ante with 189 horsepower and 207 pound-feet of torque derived from a 4-cylinder Twin Scroll Turbo engine that will have you striving to withhold yourself – or your foot – from wanting to put that pedal to the metal. The 2014 Mini Cooper S has a top speed of 235 km/h, and will sprint from 0-100 km/h in 6.8-seconds when equipped with the standard manual transmission.

The 4-cylinder turbocharged engine will deliver energetic acceleration, and like the base Cooper hardtop, is mated to either a standard 6-speed manual transmission or an optional 6-speed automatic, both of which provide easy, smooth-shifts. Sharp steering and handling, and strong brakes also add to the overall fun-factor when driving this subcompact car. Its ability to manage sharp curves and swerve in and out of lanes as you attempt to pass another vehicle can be quite exhilarating, though its firm ride is not necessarily for all.

Also worth noting are the driving modes, which include a “Let’s MINImalize” Green mode for more fuel-efficient driving, “Let’s Motor” MID mode for the Cooper’s normal driving manners, and “Let’s Motor Hard!” SPORT mode. The new Cooper S also features a start-stop function that puts the car in idle mode for better efficiency.

Our observed, combined city/highway fuel economy rating for the 2014 Mini Cooper S hardtop is 9.8 litres per 100 kilometres, over 335 km.

As for features, adding to the base Cooper model are standard sports seats, a black-checkered interior trim, an on board computer, and performance control. With the ‘S’ model, you can also opt for the JCW (John Cooper Works) Package that adds on an anthracite roofline, white turn signals, a JCW aerodynamic kit and interior and exterior package, a rear spoiler, and a JCW leather steering wheel, among others.

The 2014 Mini Cooper S is a livelier version of the Cooper hardtop, and is more geared towards consumers looking to enjoy its sportier driving dynamics, and those looking for a lot more oomph under the hood. Either way, the ‘S’ model is a little pocket-rocket that is bound to provide you with hours of driving pleasure.

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