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A Few Tips and Tricks To Improve Fuel Efficiency

If fuel efficiency is important to you, you know there are literally hundreds of tips and tricks that will help you and your car save on gas. Some are pretty standard stuff, like keeping your engine in shape, while others, like following a semi-truck on the highway to reap the benefits of the wind tunnel it generates, are downright dangerous.

All and all, there are certain fuel saving tips that are easier to implement, and safer than others. So, with the price of gas continually moving up, we thought we would offer you 3 tricks, 1 very simple and the other 2 rather unconventional, that will help your car to use less fuel, and your wallet to remain shut.

The simple trick

Remove unnecessary weight
The more weight you add to your car, the harder your engine must work to move the wheels, and the less fuel efficient it becomes. You should remove everything you do not use or do not need on a daily basis, such as your hockey gear or your golf clubs (or both if you are lucky), antifreeze containers, motor oil crates, dumbbells that you brought with you to the gym that one time, salt and sand bags for next winter that you bought in June because they were on sale, and so forth.

Together, these items can easily add an extra 50, 75, or even 100 pounds that your engine needs to carry around every day. As the weeks drag on, there will definitely be an impact on your fuel consumption.

Unconventional Tricks

Warm up your car by driving it.
Urban legend says you need to let your car warm up before taking off in order to prevent damage to your vehicle’s mechanical components. But, if you want to save on gas, and get out the house sooner in winter, do not hesitate to start your car and go, even if it is still cold.

As long as you do not overwork the engine or hit the gas pedal to hard, you will not risk damaging your car’s mechanics and will be actually saving on fuel. Indeed, instead of sitting idle in your driveway, the car will be using gas to get you to your destination. Driving the car will also speed up the heating process, getting the car warm sooner.

When driving in the city, skip some gears
If you are using a manual transmission, you can improve fuel efficiency by skipping the 2nd or 4th gear when driving around the city. By doing so, you will be keeping your engine revolutions low and will require less fuel.

Give these tips and tricks a try, and let us know what you think!

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