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ADVICE: A few tips to improve the resale value of a vehicle easily

Only when we want to change vehicles does the resale value of our current car become an important consideration. That being said, it’s before that moment comes that we need to take some steps to ensure that our car retains the largest percentage of its original value.

Indeed, it is often too late at the time of resale to do what should have been done in previous years. It is with this in mind that we offer you some tips to preserve the resale value of your vehicle.

Make sure you do all the necessary and prescribed maintenance

It is very important to carry out all necessary service and maintenance recommended by the manufacturer when you own the vehicle. This may seem logical, but it is also important to make sure that you service your vehicle at the dealership and keep records of everything that was done while you owned the vehicle.

This way, when the time comes to resell your vehicle, you will be able to provide a complete maintenance record which will confirm that your vehicle is in good condition and give the potential owner more confidence in your vehicle.

Protect your vehicle’s interior

If your vehicle has leather seats, it is very important to keep them well hydrated to prevent them from cracking because of cold temperatures or simply usage over time. Several products exist and often they only require a sporadic application.

No matter what your seats are made of, a product that protects and prevents stains is also important to maintain the look of your vehicle’s interior. In addition, winter mats will protect the original mats against calcium stains and other damage over time, and therefore represent a great investment.

Protect your vehicle’s body as well

In addition to protecting the passenger compartment, it is also necessary to protect your vehicle’s exterior. To do this, it is important that you thoroughly clean the vehicle when spring rolls around, and ensure that your vehicle is protected from rust from the factory or using a product that is added after the purchase.  It’s also wise to consider adding a protective wrap to your vehicle’s exterior which prevents scratches and damage from small rocks on sensitive parts of the car.

Thank you to Jonker Honda for these tips.

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