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A racing series featuring the Tesla Model S?

It was only a matter of time before someone thought about a racing series featuring the Tesla Model S. Except that the idea does not seem to come from Tesla, but US firm Electric GT Holding which also specializes in the development of electric cars. Electric GT Holding has just finished building their first racing car for the race. The ...

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Details on the new 2018 smart Fortwo Electric Drive

smart fortwo electric drive

Like most new-generation electric vehicles, the smart Fortwo Electric Drive unveiled last week at the Paris Motor Show offers more range than the model it replaces. For the rest, the electric smart will continue to stand out with its compact dimensions that make it ideal for city dwellers, and remains the only convertible with an electric motor in Canada. The ...

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The Renault Trezor steals the show in Paris

Renault Trezor in Paris

Although the Paris Motor Show saw its fair share of production-ready vehicles this year, there were also quite a few concept models that will probably never make it onto a dealership floor. That said, these prototypes serve to showcase their respective automaker’s upcoming or imagined technologies, as well as their unbridled creativity when it comes to design. Case in point, ...

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The importance of the test drive

buying a first car

Those of us who are in the market for a new vehicle will generally spend hours trying to find the perfect car for their needs. That means that we will go over a bunch of automotive reviews, read all of the comparisons we can, ask our neighbors and friends, and visit various dealerships. That said, the most important part of ...

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Formula E Ditches The Sound Of Silence, Embraces The Future

Learning to love electric racing means letting go of almost everything you know about traditional motorsports. The Formula E series currently playing out its second season on street courses around the world isn’t designed to replace the smell of high octane fuel or the screeching roar of ultra-advanced internal combustion engines. And why should it? What’s the advantage for a ...

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