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CAR REVIEW: 2017 Honda CR-V Touring

2017 Honda CR-V Touring

The Honda CR-V is in a heated four-way battle for the top stop in sales in the compact crossover segment with the Nissan Rogue, Ford Escape and Toyota RAV4. Year over year, the average increase in deliveries for these CUVs is of about 15% which is to say that the segment is on fire. Honda’s been at this game for ...

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NEW CAR: New Jaguar E-Pace world premier next week

Jaguar E-Pace

When Jaguar launched the F-Pace, they expected that it would sell well.  That, it did and so well in fact that it prompted the introduction of two more Jag crossovers in less than two years. The I-Pace electric concept vehicle shows much promise but isn’t expected for at least another year. In the meantime, Jaguar’s got us on the hook ...

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CAR NEWS: Subaru’s off-limits museum of treasures

Subaru Museum

The Subaru Corporation has a well-guarded secret vault of treasures at their Tochigi, Sano, Japan Proving Grounds. In fact, we lowly Canadians were the first international members of the automotive media to ever be allowed on the grounds and take pictures, and video! And that we did! We were at the grounds, a two and a half bus ride north ...

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FIRST REVIEW: Honda Civic Si Coupe

2017 Honda Civic Si Coupe

The days of compromising are over. For many buffs and your very humble servant, we can’t help but to shed a brief tear as we leave the past behind, or mostly, and look forward to the bright automotive present, and future. It wasn’t so long ago when opting for the sporty version of a given car meant forgoing niceties like ...

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NEW CAR: Your Tesla Model 3 is on its way!

Tesla Model 3

The moment thousands of you have been waiting for is almost here! Your Tesla Model 3, the car you plunked a deposit on without ever seeing or driving it, is finally under production. Well, car #1 or serial number 1 should be completed by this Friday, July 7th. It’s crazy to think that roughly 15 months have passed since the ...

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