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AUTO NEWS: End of Formula E in Montreal

The controversy surrounding the arrival of a second edition of Formula E on the island of Montreal has been put to rest after the new mayor of the city, Valerie Plante, announced yesterday that the electrified race will not be back in 2018.

Formula E

According to Ms. Plante, Formula E was a financial fiasco for Montreal while causing a wide range of problems for residents and visitors in downtown Montreal. The coming of a race next year would have required between $ 30 million and $ 35 million in subsidies, an amount deemed unacceptable by the new mayor.

Without a track and without subsidies, a Formula E race in Montreal is certainly dead in the water. Valérie Plante noted that she asked the FE to postpone the race for a year so that it could possibly be held at the Gilles Villeneuve circuit after improvements were made in 2018, but the proposal was rejected.

According to the mayor, the penalties incurred as a result of this decision will be borne by the promoter of the event, Montréal c’est électrique. Except that the latter is in serious financial trouble, and according to different sources still has $ 6.2 million in unpaid debts.

This story seems far from over, but what is certain is that Formula E and Montreal are not about to get back together any time soon.

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