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NEW CAR: The Volkswagen Gen.E recharges with a robot

Unveiled (somewhat quietly) during Volkswagen’s Future Mobility Day that took place earlier this month, the Volkswagen Gen.E is a 100% electric concept car that emphasizes safety while offering good range and a design that could realistically find its way onto a production car.

That’s why many people see in the Gen.E the next generation of the Volkswagen Golf E, which should already theoretically be on the market, but that has been delayed.

The Volkswagen Gen.E offers an electric motor whose specifications are not yet known, and that is paired with a battery which will allow it to travel up to 400 kilometers when fully charged.

And speaking of charging, Volkswagen used the Gen.E to introduce its new EV robot. Essentially a mobile charging station, it that can go from one electric vehicle to another in a parking lot.

The idea would be to be able to recharge several electric vehicles without using a fixed charging station. That said, the robot itself will have to have a long battery life so that it can efficiently charge several cars in timely manner.

To be continued…

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