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QUICK CAR REVIEW: 2017 Ford Focus EV

Invisible EV

Most EV buyers, early adopters at the very least, want it to be known that they’ve purchased a car that will save the world. The Nissan LEAF, Chevrolet Bolt, Mitsubishi i-Miev and even the Kia Soul EV look different, or special. The Focus EV has the curb appeal of a rental car.

2017 Ford Focus EV

Does this make it bad choice? It does not. The Focus has an average 160-kilometer range, give or take a dozen clicks. The pricing and equipment are competitive; it’s just that the car’s ultimately boring. Oh, and the trunk is massively chewed up by the battery. Remember, the Focus was not designed as an EV like the LEAF.

But, like my almighty editor says, some people prefer to feel as though they are driving a normal car and not some futuristic odd-looking toad (ok, so I added that last part…). I get that and the Focus, albeit the fact that it is getting on in age, is still a good drive. It’s got the signature gob of torque at idle, which makes city-commuting fun.

With the radio on, on at least one occasion, I forgot I was in an electric car. The dashboard is identical, the switchgear and all manners of controls are the same. The gauges display braking regeneration and many other neat facts that we soon find pointless. Point is that only once you go around the back and open the truck are you truly reminded that this is an EV.

Also, when plugging in the car… And on the subject of power, I managed an indicated best of 156 kilometers of range, which was comforting. I never depleted the battery completely to test actual range as most of my driving was on the highway, and that I’m addicted to torque. Please, I need help!

I decided to seek help but unfortunately, when I walked out of the clinic, I couldn’t spot my car among the beige Corollas, grey Cruizes and blue Focuses.

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