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How to make sure your towing goes off without a hitch

Summer is approaching, and very soon most of us will be spending our days outside. For camping aficionados, the time will soon come to set up your little piece of heaven for the next few months, and that means towing will probably be involved.


Or, perhaps this is your first time camping. Or, maybe you just bought a boat and you will be towing that around from lake to lake over the next few months. Whatever new toy or activity has come into your life, this may be the first you have to tow anything. Here are few tips to help, from Bruce Honda.

The first place to start is the owner’s manual. There, you will know everything there is to know about towing. The owner’s manual will guide you as to the maximum towing capacity of the vehicle, and every wise motorist should stick to it. In order to do so, you have to know exactly how much weight you plan on towing, and leave yourself a few hundred pounds to be sure.

Next, even if your vehicle can tow, doesn’t me it’s ready to tow. Make sure you have the tow ball corresponding to the trailer, and you may need to install additional brakes and make sure they have the proper electrical connection. These are details that may seem unimportant, but that make all the difference.

Once on the road, you have to remember that your vehicle will now respond differently because of the added weight in the back. It will not be as fast or agile, and you have to give yourself a lot of extra room and more time, when passing and when accelerating or when taking a corner. You will not be able to squeeze into the same spots that you may be used to, so you want to plan ahead to make sure you see any possible obstacle coming, like a very tight intersection or a crowded downtown area you may want to avoid.

Then, there is backing up. Remember that the trailer tends to go in the opposite direction to where you are turning the steering wheel. So, turn in the direction you want to go to ease it into place. You may want to practice a little bit.

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