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Should you buy a 2016 model, or wait for the 2017

Shopping for a new vehicle in fall is something a lot of consumers do. Summer vacations are over, the weather is not as nice out, and with the kids at school we have a bit more time, even if it doesn’t seem like it sometimes. If you go to a dealership today, there is a strong chance that certain vehicles will be 2017 model-years, while others will be 2016. Are there important differences between the two? The short answer is: possibly.


There may be a few differences, or there could be quite a lot. Here are a few things to consider to help you choose the best option.

Model differences

Obviously, the main difference between a 2016 and 2017 model could be that the latter was redesigned from the ground up, and is a new generation. That means that it will probably have more features, and basically be improved in every way. Even if the 2017 model is not a complete redesign, it may have additional features, so remember to know what features you want, and then see in which model they are available.

Resale value

Even if you purchase a 2016 model today when 2017 models are available, you should know that in four years from now, or even next year, the 2016 vehicle will have a lower value than the 2017, even if they purchased at the same time. That’s because buyer perception will be that the 2016 is an older vehicle.

Financial considerations

It will more than likely be easier to negotiate the price of a 2016 model, and you will get better financial deals, as well as leasing and financing plans, compared to the 2017 vehicle. That’s because the dealer wants to get the 2016 models out the door as soon as possible to make room for the 2017.

Thank you to Subaru Ogilvie for their help with this article.

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