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CAR NEWS: 1,000 kilometers traveled in a Tesla Model S

The Tesla Model S is accustomed to setting new records, especially the P100D model, which is currently the world’s fastest production car to 100 km/h, with the exception of the Dodge Challenger Demon.

The most recent record now belonging to the Model S has nothing to do with speed. It is rather a new record for distance traveled for the electric car on a single charge. A group of Model S owners based in Italy wanted to see how far the car could go without being recharged.

The journey reached 1,078 kilometers, twice the range Tesla has set for the Model S P100D. The adventure required five drivers behind the wheel that averaged 40 km/h. The car had not been modified except that it was equipped with low rolling resistance tires.

An electric car’s range depends much more on how it is driven than on its technology, and this new record is yet another proof.

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