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CAR NEWS: A base Honda Civic Type R?

Hot compact cars are the meat and potatoes of last decade’s tuning craze but they remain exceptionally popular nearly 20 years later. When one intends to tune a car, the goal is to modify and personalize to one’s tastes.

Performance is always high on the list of desirable upgrades but the current crop of hot-hatches and sport compacts is already quite powerful. True, there’s never enough power but this is usually where the majority of the mods budget goes. Wheels, tires, brakes, suspension, audio and such are typically not as expensive as say increasing turbo size or slapping on a titanium aftermarket exhaust system. And all this, on top of having spent $40k of more on the new car.

Now although this is 90% speculation, 5% fact and 5% hopes and dreams, Honda’s dropped a minute hint through their NHTSA filings for 2018 where it looks as though there are two versions of the Type R. The filing itself contains a “Touring” iteration of the FK8 which is the Type R’s chassis code. The second FK8 code belongs simply to a “Type R”. We all know that the Touring trim is tops for all Hondas and given the level of kit included in what we currently know as the Type R, a “Type R” could be a more basic version.

The list of potential item that could be removed from the “Touring” is long from the large touchscreen, to the 20” wheels all the way to the massive rear spoiler. Without said three elements, the price could drop by a significant $3,000 to $5,000 margin (from $40,890) if a few more things are added, or removed. That’s a good budget for customization but believe me, the car’s fast enough as it is.

I’ve already seen a Type R with 18” wheels shod with more aggressive (better?) tires and the visual impact is a positive one. Performance wise, the result is likely the same. All we have to do now is hope, wait and see what Honda’s plans are.


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