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CAR NEWS: Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid sales resume

There are no replacements for a minivan. There are even fewer when it comes to the Pacifica Hybrid. In fact, it is currently the only affordable large plug-in family vehicle available in Canada.

The growing number of owners and potential buyers were disappointed back in June to find out that sales of the electrified minivan had been halted due to a faulty diode within the power inverter module. When the recall was announced, 1,368 Pacifica in the U.S. and 309 in Canada were deemed to be affected. Although this is a large number, not all 2017 Pacifica Hybrids were involved by the recall.

Specifically, the diode, should it fail, could cause a complete powertrain shutdown. The related issues ranged from simply having a hard time charging the vehicle to stalling in traffic.

Now that the “bug” has been addressed, sales of the Pacifica Hybrid have resumed. All of these fresh new Pacifica Hybrids are of the 2018 model year. The van provides a 53km full-electric range as part of a maximum of over 900 km of family cruising.

We’ve just reviewed a 2017 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid and thoroughly enjoyed the experience, with one or two exceptions. Although FCA touts the vehicle simply as a Hybrid as it does not need to be plugged in to benefit from an electric boost, there are no drive modes to allow the driver to preserve the battery’s charge when full. By default, it always runs in electric mode and does so until depletion. This is an unfortunate oversight in our opinion.

Make sure you check back for a full review in the near future.



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