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Automotive Advice – Eco-Friendly and Gas-Friendly Vehicles.

The Can’t Miss List: U.S. Route 66

Whether it be from films like Pixar’s Cars, through sociological and historic study or through an interest in Americana, you’ve probably heard of Route 66. “The Mother Road”, as it was called, connects Chicago, IL and Los Angeles, CA and is really the first interstate the US ever saw. Motorists were sick of arriving at state lines only to find ...

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Driving in Winter: What not to do

We have already offered several tips for driving in winter since the cold first swept over us. In winter, it is imperative to be properly equipped starting with quality winter tires and also, it becomes very important that we change our driving habits in order to compensate for the ice and snow that covers our roads. That said, ensuring our ...

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A few tricks for driving in winter

With winter fast approaching, the moment has come to remind ourselves of a few tips and tricks that will help us get through the winter months without any unfortunate incident. Driving in winter is not easy, and we tend to forget that we must adapt our driving habits when the road gets snowy or icy. The key to driving in ...

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How to improve your vehicle’s fuel economy in winter

In winter, it is expected that your vehicle’s fuel economy numbers will be worst. That said, the increase in fuel consumption is due to numerous factors, including cold temperatures which can thicken an engine’s oil as well as the fact that most mechanical components are not operating within their most efficient temperature range. In other words, cold weather forces our ...

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Honda’s technology to improve fuel economy

Fuel consumption is a major factor that dictates the consumer choice when purchasing a new car. Manufacturers know this, and this is why in recent years we have seen the arrival of various technologies meant to improve the fuel economy of new vehicles. Honda is among those manufacturers. They offer several technologies that are able to reduce fuel consumption on ...

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Most durable used cars

  American website iSeeCars.com has just unveiled its 20 most durable used cars. Among these, there are only three cars while the 17 other models are sport utility vehicles or full-size pick-ups. The Honda Accord, Toyota Avalon and Subaru Legacy were named along with the Ford F-250 Super Duty (the most durable), Dodge Durango, Toyota Sequoia, Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD and ...

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