Most durable used cars



American website has just unveiled its 20 most durable used cars. Among these, there are only three cars while the 17 other models are sport utility vehicles or full-size pick-ups.

The Honda Accord, Toyota Avalon and Subaru Legacy were named along with the Ford F-250 Super Duty (the most durable), Dodge Durango, Toyota Sequoia, Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD and Ford Explorer, to name a few. compiled data from more than 30 million used cars. They then looked at which models had reached more than 320 000 kilometers. The 20 models were established based on the percentage of vehicles that had gone over that impressive mileage mark.

If we exclude SUVs and full-size pick-ups, here are the 20 most durable cars according to

  1. Honda Accord
  2. Subaru Legacy
  3. Toyota Avalon
  4. Honda Odyssey
  5. Nissan Maxima
  6. Toyota Camry
  7. Ford Taurus
  8. Honda Civic
  9. Acura TL
  10. Subaru Outback

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