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A few features than improve resale value

You are about to buy a new car, and obviously the last thing on your mind is selling this vehicle. After all, you haven’t even bought it yet, and it will likely be quite a while before you put it back on the market. That said, how easy your new vehicle will be to sell down the road depends a lot on the decisions you make today.


Indeed, there are a quite a few features that make it easier and faster to sell a pre-owned vehicle on the market. Here are a few examples in no particular order.


In general, the more a vehicle stands out and the less it appeals to the mass market, the harder it will be to sell and the more you will have to be open to negotiating its price, which ultimately you will get less. So, when choosing the color of your next vehicle, you probably want to look at the most popular colors like white, silver, grey or perhaps black. Bright colors like yellow and lime green probably won’t do as well.

Automatic transmission

Most owners prefer an automatic gearbox. So, if you have the option between a manual and an automatic, the latter will probably be the best option. That said, a very small number of vehicles are traditionally preferred with a manual gearbox. These are of the sportier variety. The best option when it comes to resale value is making sure you get the most popular transmission. You want to look at drivetrains as well. SUVs, for example, will be a lot easier to sell with all-wheel drive.

Comfort features

Features like heated front and second-row seats, as well as ventilated seats, air conditioning, multiple-zone climate, sunroof, navigation system, Bluetooth, rear-view camera and other active safety systems, and various accessories like bike racks and roof boxes, all go a long way in increasing resale value.

Thank you to Gord Scott Nissan for their help with this article!

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