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Finding automotive information online

Many people prefer to shop online for a variety of products. Buying shoes or your next vacation online is easier than ever. Now, more and more people are turning to the web to find information about potential vehicles they may want to buy as well. Indeed, there is a host of information you can gather online, and because it will save you time, you may want to start there before heading to the dealership.


Here are a few places online you can find information about various vehicles that may interest you.

Manufacturer and dealership websites

Manufacturer websites are certainly a great place to go if you already know which vehicle you want to buy. Dealership websites will allow you to quickly find information about pricing, colors, specifications, the versions of a given model on sale, and promotions. You can even configure your vehicle to your liking and send it to a dealership near you and ask for a specific quote.

Websites of the various dealerships in your area can also be quite useful as they offer specific promotions that may not be available elsewhere.

Automotive information websites

You can find a host of information from credible and reliable sources on the web. These websites provide reviews, impartial information, recall and other industry news, as well as comparison tests. If you are hesitating between two or more models, these websites can be very useful.


Owner forums are a great source of information. They provide opinions from people who actually own the vehicle you may be thinking of buying. You can’t really find a better source of information!

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