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Ford hints at F-150 Hybrid

Ford is placing an enormous importance on renewable energy over the course of the next few years. Last week, The Blue Oval recently announced a $4.5 million investment in new renewable energy technology, which the manufacturer followed with an announcement that plans for an improved Focus electric are in the works.



This week, Ford President Mark Fields himself took to the radio to drop the news of the arrival of an F-150 hybrid within the next four years. Indeed, it’s not the first time the company has made such an announcement—they talked of a similar whimsy in 2013—but this is the first time such clarity has been associated with the announcement. It looks like Ford is looking to capitalize on the success enjoyed by the Ram 1500 EcoDiesel with fuel-saving tech of their own.

No powertrain details have yet been announced, but Field did say that it would be a gas-electric hybrid.

Ford insists that an F-150 would have the same capacities as the standard trucks, but with even more improved fuel economy.

Smoke and mirrors? Perhaps, but it’s definitely a possibility as GM demonstrated in its last-gen pickup.



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