Is my car safe?

This is a question that many motorists may have asked themselves in the past. Indeed, we all want our vehicle to be safe, there is no doubt. But how can you really know how safe your car really is?

Sécurité safety

In reality, the majority of new vehicles on the road now, and even all new vehicles on the road are safe. There are no more vehicles with major design flaws as was the case maybe 30 or 40 years ago. That said, it does not mean that we should not take some precautions to ensure that our vehicle is still able to protect us.

First, it is very important to ensure that we perform the regular maintenance that is prescribed by the manufacturer. This will quickly determine if any critical mechanical components such as brakes and the suspension must be changed. In addition, if a recall is announced for your vehicle, it is wise to follow up on it as quickly as possible, even if the recall question seems trivial.

When buying a new vehicle, it is also possible to improve safety through active safety technologies. All new vehicles have passive safety technologies such as air bags, for example, but the driver assistance systems are often optional. The objective of these various technologies is to prevent accidents either by intervening for you if you do not react (automatically braking or taking control of the steering wheel if you deviate from your path), or at least warn you if an object or another vehicle is in your way.

These devices are not essential, but they can certainly help you improve the safety of your vehicle!

Thank you to Laking Toyota for their help with this article.

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