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What manufacturers are doing to improve gas mileage

It’s not a secret, consumers want to pay less at the pump. For most, they want fuel-efficient vehicles and that is why manufacturers are making significant efforts to improve the fuel economy of their vehicles.


But how do they do that exactly?

First, let’s put aside electric and hybrid vehicles, and instead turn our focus towards technologies that improve the efficiency of traditional combustion engines. If more manufacturers are turning to turbocharging to improve fuel economy, others prefer to simply improve the efficiency of the engine’s mechanical components.

“An engine is like a human. If it has to work hard, it consumes more energy. In the case of the engine, energy is fuel. So to improve mileage, you need to reduce the effort when the engine must reach a given speed. This is what Mazda does with SKYACTIV technology for example, “says a sales representative at Kentville Mazda.

How to reduce the effort required of the engine? First make sure to lighten the mechanical components as much as possible. Then, reduce the internal friction of these various components. Finally, we must improve the flow of air into the exhaust system. This will ensure that the engine breathe better and can therefore optimize fuel usage.

So for the consumer who wants to see fuel consumption decrease, it’s important to pay special attention to technologies used by manufacturers and learn to know what measures were taken to improve fuel economy.

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