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New 2018 Toyota Sienna to be unveiled at the New York Auto Show

The 2018 Toyota Sienna is not a completely new generation of the popular Toyota minivan, but it will nevertheless showcase several new features when it is unveiled at the New York Auto Show in a few weeks.

To begin with, the new 2018 Sienna is the latest Toyota model to be equipped with the Toyota Safety Sense P safety package that will be part of the minivan’s standard equipment list. The latter includes pedestrian detection with automatic braking, adaptive cruise control, automatic headlights and a lane departure warning and prevention.

The Sienna’s multimedia system has also been tweaked along with the rear seat entertainment system. The 2018 Toyota Sienna will also have a built-in Wi-Fi feature that allows you to connect to the web on the road.

Visually, the new Sienna does not change much compared to the current model, but nevertheless features a revised and more aggressive grille, and an overall sharper design.

Toyota will also be presenting the new Toyota Yaris at the New York Auto Show which gets underway on April 12th.


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