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NEW CAR: Dyson: From vacuum cleaners to electric cars?

We’ve all seen a Dyson vacuum commercial on the tele at one point; The Ball, the Airblade as well as the V6 and V8. To many, the latter two flash an image of an engine in their minds and perhaps this was done on purpose.

Just a few days ago, Sir James Dyson, aka Mr. Dyson vacuum cleaners, announced in his London, UK shop that he intends to spend £2 billion developing and engineering his own brand of electric car. So far, the plan consists in spending £1 billion on building the car with the other £1 billion invested in making the battery. According to Dyson, a staff of 400 employees are already on the case at his headquarters in Malmesbury, Wiltshire and have been for two years.

As it stands, there are no prototypes or concepts to show the world, nor are there any details about the cost (he did state that it will not be cheap), the range or even production numbers. In fact, no factory site has been selected and Dyson expects that his electric car will hit the road by 2020.

According to Sir Dyson, building a clean car has been a long-time dream of his, since the late 80s. In the last three decades, he’s created and developed both batteries and electric motors so his dream doesn’t seem that crazy.

One way or another, it is we the consumer that will win in the end with more options, affordable or not, when the time will come to purchase a new electric car.

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