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NEW CAR: A Jaguar E-Type Zero with an electric engine? Yes, please

If you even slightly interested in cars, you know the Jaguar E-Type. Mythical car of the 1960s, the E-Type is considered by the great majority as one of the most beautiful (if not the most beautiful) cars of all time. And now, you can get it with an electric motor!

Jaguar E-Type 0

JLR’s Jaguar Land Rover Classic Works division in Coventry, England is behind the Jaguar E-Type Zero. Its design is basically identical to the 1968 edition, but it receives an electric motor that delivers nearly 300 horsepower in replacement of its original in-line six-cylinder engine.

This engine combined with a 40 kWh battery allows it to travel about 270 kilometers before having to be recharged. The E-Type Zero reaches 100 km/h in 5.5 seconds and weighs 46 kilos less than the original model.

Other changes include the addition of LED lights inside the headlights, a modern dashboard with a center screen, a typical Jaguar rotating knob and digital displays behind the steering wheel. The latter is made of wood and is thankfully identical to the one found in the 1968 E-Type.

Jaguar did not confirm if the E-Type Zero would go on sale, but if the idea is well received, it is a safe bet that nostalgic Jaguar fans will eventually be able to buy this modern take on a classic. Better yet, Jaguar claim that other legendary vehicles of the past could also be electrified.

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