New Nissan LEAF coming soon

We know very little about the next Nissan LEAF that is expected to break cover in the fall, or more precisely, in early September.

2018 Nissan Leaf

The rare details include that the 2018 LEAF will be assembled at Nissan’s Smyrna, Tennessee plant. Another is that at least one iteration will provide a range of at least 320 km, if only to compete with the popular Chevy Bolt and highly anticipated Tesla Model 3.

There are hints as to what it will look like and it is safe to say that the new LEAF will be more conventional than the original. A picture of a headlight recently released by Nissan and a number of spy shots circulating on the World Wide Web tell this story.

As far as we’re concerned, now that the early adopters have all purchased their LEAFs, the time has come for Nissan to build an EV that looks more or less like a typical automobile. This way, the car will appeal to a broader audience.

The aforementioned Bolt and Model 3 have created quite the buzz, and continue to do so even if their stories began long ago. Nissan is taking a cautious approach to launching the new car, or more likely, a restrained one. We suspect that the car will be very good but the Japanese company will not toot their own horn – they’ll allow buyers and the media to praise its worthiness.

It would seem as though pre-orders will be possible online by end of year after which dealers will get inventory by early spring 2018.

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