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The next Acura NSX could be all electric

Do this sound wrong to you? For starters, a hybrid NSX may not have been what the world wanted but all-electric super and hyper cars are not a new idea. Audi had a go at it a few times already with the R8 e-tron. I got to drive this ballistic missile some years ago but even then, Audi knew they were not to produce it any time soon.

Acura NSX

Mercedes also dabbled in super EVs with their SLS AMG E-CELL so as you can see, there’s no need to be alarmed. Actually, there might be good reason to be alarmed as these cars signify the impending end to the Internal Combustion Engine in big ticket sports car.

Acura entered an NSX EV concept at last year’s Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. It actually did quite well finishing second in its Electric Modified Class. The car utilizes Honda’s four-motor system, also known as what else but SH-AWD. The four individual electric motors combine to produce upwards of 1,000-horsepower and true wheel torque vectoring. The latter relates to the fact that each wheel can accelerate separately, effectively pushing the car into a corner and pull it out at the other end.

Given the results and the inherent advantages to instant torque and performance being unaffected by elevation, among a number of other advantages, it would make sense that Honda’s next supercar turns up this way. Let’s hope and pray they don’t take forever to launch the car this time.

About the current 2017 Acura NSX, expect a review on our network in the coming months.

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