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Nissan Juke NISMO RSnow makes tracks in Sweden

Not content to let Ken Block have all the fun with his snow track-equipped Ford F-150 Raptor, Nissan has taken a similar approach—with an altogether different vehicle.


We all know the Juke; that strange little urban utility vehicle that stands hardly any taller than a Volkswagen Golf hatch, has insect-like daytime running lines and rear haunches that look like a mix of the 370Z sportscar and Rogue crossover. It’s a smorgasbord of style, really—ask Nissan, and they’ll tell you that the Juke was designed by committee, with every member getting to put their special flourish into the final design.

So, when you think of it, why not make it look even more alien? Why not give it some snow tracks?

And so they did, commissioning Dominator Track Systems of Michigan–whose designs we’ve seen on everything from Hummers to FJ Cruisers–for the job. And the job wasn’t done to just any Juke, either; it was the performance-spec NISMO RS that got the honour of being set-up with a set of 370-kilo tracks and sent to Arjeplog, Sweden (funny; the way that town’s named is spelled kind of reminds of the way the Juke looks…). There, it was subjected to testing in arctic conditions with temperatures reaching below the -35 ˚C mark, where it was capable of running for extended periods at 50 miles-per-hour in snow 20 inches deep, allowing Nissan to proudly proclaim: “Winter: 0/Juke NISMO RSnow: 1”.


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