How to make sure your towing goes off without a hitch

Summer is approaching, and very soon most of us will be spending our days outside. For camping aficionados, the time will soon come to set up your little piece of heaven for the next few months, and that means towing will probably be involved. Or, perhaps this is your first time camping. Or, maybe you just bought a boat and ...

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Fees to include in your new car budget

Most people when planning for their next vehicle will plan ahead and calculate their budget in order to know exactly how much they can comfortably afford. That said, some buyers make the mistake of only looking at the monthly payment, and underestimate the cost of other fees that ultimately add up. Here are a few extra fees you want to ...

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A few reasons why your check engine light may be on

If there is one warning light that you do not want to see on your dashboard, it’s the check engine light. Well, that’s what we are conditionned to think, but with the proliferation of technology the fact is sometimes the warning is not as bad as we may think it is. “There are a lot of reasons that may explain ...

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Understanding all those lights on your dashboard

Did you ever try to start your car without putting your foot on the brake? If so, not only did your car not start, but you probably are now facing an impressive collection of various lights in the display panel behind the steering wheel. Ever wondered what they all mean? For one, they often are not good news. So, a ...

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How to save on your car insurance

auto insurance

There are a plenty of additional fees that come with owning a vehicle. Gas is the most obvious one, as are repairs and maintenance. Then, there is insurance, which every vehicle owner has to have. Unlike fuel and maintenance, however, you have a lot more control over the cost of insurance. Indeed, there are plenty of ways you can save ...

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A few things to remember when shopping for a vehicle

car negotiation

There are a lot of things that go into buying a new vehicle. You have to determine which vehicle fits your needs, you have to plan your budget, you have to think about how your needs may evolve in the next few years, you have to think about negotiating, decide if you will lease or finance, you have to figure ...

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