New buzz surrounds the Nissan Leaf

Usually, when we’re talking about a “buzz”, we’re speaking of the annoying sound emanating from mosquitoes as they circle the campfire at the end of a nice summer’s day. However, if the European Security Council’s eVader project (think about it…) is to ever see the light of day, it’s EVs that will be buzzing around us. The Council has determined ...

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Choosing between premium and regular

gasoline types explained

As you stand in front of the gas pump, you notice that under that fuel cap it is written: Premium fuel recommended. Like others before you, your attention shifts to the pump itself where you realize that the price of Premium gasoline is higher than regular, by at least 10 cents. In order to save a few dollars, you opt ...

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Risk factors when it comes to car insurance

auto insurance

Regardless of what you are insuring, every insurance premium in the world is based on one thing and one thing only, risk. The higher the risk of the insurance company having to pay to repair or replace the insured object, the higher the insurance premium. That’s true for home insurance, life insurance, and car insurance. When it comes to insuring ...

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Electric Aston Martin two years out

It’s Aston Martin’s turn to create a 100 per cent electric car; it seems that if all goes to plan, we should be seeing an electric Rapide within the next two years. During last week’s Pebble Beach Concours D’Elegance, Aston Martin CEO Andy Palmer announced that work on a full-electric car project had already begun, and should be ready for ...

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Buick further expands Sport Touring line-up with three new sedans

So it seems the Buick Encore Sport Touring (ST, but they shouldn’t really call it that, as Ford already uses the letters for two models) model announced last month was just the beginning of a whole new line of Buicks; the manufacturer has since announced that three more models will join the line-up: the Verano Sport Touring, the Regal Sport ...

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2016 Honda Accord and Toyota Camry to get turbo power?

Toyota and Honda, two of Japan’s biggest manufacturers, have so far resisted turning to turbo power for their hot-selling midsize sedans, the Camry and Accord. However, after certain claims made to Automotive News, the two manufacturers have started contemplating the change. Volkswagen, Kia, Hyundai, Chevrolet and Ford have all started using turbo tech in their midsizes, so it stands to ...

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