Have you thought about your battery recently

The typical battery found in vehicles manufactured after 1952 is a plastic cube containing sulfuric acid and lead, with two outgoing terminals on the top or the side. That is what you will find in most cars on the road today, unless you drive a hybrid or electric car. So now that you know what your battery is, do you ...

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When should you buy a car?

Buying a new car

Is there a good time to buy a new vehicle? Inversely, is there a bad time? Many would say that you should just buy the car whenever you want to buy it, and for the most part they would be right. However, the fact remains that choosing to buy a given vehicle at a given time can and will influence ...

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How to make sure your towing goes off without a hitch

Summer is approaching, and very soon most of us will be spending our days outside. For camping aficionados, the time will soon come to set up your little piece of heaven for the next few months, and that means towing will probably be involved. Or, perhaps this is your first time camping. Or, maybe you just bought a boat and ...

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Why the rearview camera is no longer an option

Active safety systems

You may have heard that the rearview camera will soon become required on all new vehicles. You may be wondering why, but chances are if you do not see the merit of that decision, than you never had a rearview camera to take advantage of. In other words, those that do have one can hardly imagine not having one. Yes, ...

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Buying a 2016 or 2017 car?

car negotiation

You are in your dealership and you notice that alongside the 2016 models, there are brand new 2017 model-year vehicles. Both are new, both have never been driven, and both can be purchased today. How do you decide which one to choose? Even if the New Year is still far away, the automotive industry likes to be ahead of everyone. ...

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Watch out for those pesky potholes

Our roads are getting warmer by the day as snow and ice melt away. As the roads clear up, you gain more confidence and worry less about potential safety issues. That said, there are still dangers out on the road when spring rolls around, one of them being the potholes that you are about to notice a lot more. Potholes ...

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