How automakers reduce fuel consumption

Fuel consumption is one of the most important considerations for a host of buyers on the market. Automakers know this, and they have over the years implemented a wide range of technologies in newer vehicles that help improve fuel economy. Most new vehicles will include one or more of these technologies, but if reducing fuel consumption is your priority, then ...

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A few features than improve resale value

You are about to buy a new car, and obviously the last thing on your mind is selling this vehicle. After all, you haven’t even bought it yet, and it will likely be quite a while before you put it back on the market. That said, how easy your new vehicle will be to sell down the road depends a ...

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Understanding fuel cell vehicles

Zero-emission cars will soon be more abundant on our roads. These vehicles, capable of running without emitting any pollution or waste into the atmosphere, are mostly electric vehicles that are plugged into a charging station for several hours in order to recharge the batteries that run the vehicle. However, another technology will soon be available, but it is not as ...

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Autonomous Cars, are they here?

Autonomous cars 1

Recent news has somewhat clouded the future of autonomous cars as some recent incidents involving these cars have caused injury or death of one of the vehicle occupants. One important question remains: can we trust autonomous cars? The answer is not clear cut. What is clear is that 100% autonomous cars are not yet ready to replace traditional cars. That ...

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Formula E Ditches The Sound Of Silence, Embraces The Future

Learning to love electric racing means letting go of almost everything you know about traditional motorsports. The Formula E series currently playing out its second season on street courses around the world isn’t designed to replace the smell of high octane fuel or the screeching roar of ultra-advanced internal combustion engines. And why should it? What’s the advantage for a ...

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The good and the bad of a second chance credit loan

buy a 2015 or a 2016

You find yourself in a bit of a tricky situation. You absolutely need a vehicle, but your credit is not ideal. Perhaps you recently were injured and couldn’t work. Maybe you lost your job or are recently divorced. There are quite a few reasons that can explain a loss of income that lead to difficulties making ends meet and therefore ...

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