Did you prepare your car for winter?

You’ve just finished putting the house in order, and you made sure that all your garden furniture was well stored. But have you also thought about making sure your vehicle was ready for the cold winter season ahead. Here are some elements that you really need to check in order to make sure your car will be ready for winter. ...

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Toyota goes Back to the Future with the 2016 Tacoma

Well, they pretty much had to, didn’t they?   October 21, 2015 marks the 30th anniversary of the day Marty McFly and Doc Brown first travel through time in the Back to the Future Trilogy, as well as the actual date they travel to in Back to the Future Part II, and Toyota has taken notice. In honour of this ...

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How to choose your winter tires

Winter has officially arrived and the time has come to think about safety. In other words, it’s time to think about winter tires, still the very best way to make sure you and your family are safe this winter when the roads are all of sudden covered in snow. But how do you go about choosing winter tires? Firstly, you ...

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It’s fall, time to change how we drive

driving in fall, driving in autumn, safety, driving safety tips

Although it’s still warm outside and September continues to give us a host of sunny days, we all must face reality: winter is approaching. But before the snow falls and the cold rolls in, we have fall to help us get ready. Nights are getting colder and there is a bit more rain. We must also worry about the dead ...

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When should I change my summer tires?

changing your tires, replacing your tires, buying new tires, winter tires

It’s autumn. We feel it when we wake up in the morning and when we are coming home at night. Although September gives us glimpses of summer, there is no denying that things are going to get colder before they get warmer, especially during October and November. Many wonder then if it’s not time to change our winter tires. The ...

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Buying a new Car: should you get a 2015 or a 2016?

buy a 2015 or a 2016

With fall comes the need to change for many automotive enthusiasts, and even those who are not that passionate. With the arrival of brand new 2016 models, many feel like their current car is outdated and they head over to their local dealership to sniff out what’s new. You then realize that the dealership in question has two variants of ...

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