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Porsche prepping Pajun EV reveal?

While it hasn’t yet been officially confirmed, the web and French magazine L’Automobile continue to stoke the fires that German manufacturer Porsche is preparing to reveal a 100 per cent electric vehicle in mid-September, likely at the Frankfurt Auto Salon.


Very little info is available. All we’ve been able to glean so far is that the vehicle will likely be based on the Pajun, basically a “junior” version of the Panamera. So, it will have four doors, with power coning from a similar infrastructure to what powers the Audi Q6 electric, which has an electric range of 300 kilometres.

Actually, more than just revealing a new electric car, the fact the Pajun is being revealed at all is notable in that we’ve yet to see a definitive version of the car in any form. In addition to the electric version, media reports have Porsche revealing a V6 diesel engine option, too.

It’s no secret that Porsche wants to release a 100% electric model, with Stuttgart announcing last year its intention to build such a car before the end of the decade.

Rumblings from other manufacturers announcing their intention to build small EVs for the 2017 model may have forced Porsche’s hand a bit, but we’ll have to wait for the Frankfurt show before we know for sure.



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