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Practical tips for maintaining your vehicle at the end of spring

Spring still seems a long way off when we look at the snow outside, but the good news is that the favorite season of many people has officially arrived since March 21st. Soon, we will be enjoying long, sunny days and evenings spent around the BBQ.

When winter comes to an end, however, it is important to remember that our vehicle will need some tender love and care. Indeed, our car has not been spared the rigors of winter. Here are some tips to help you prepare your vehicle for spring, and, more importantly, remove any traces winter may have left behind.

A complete wash is necessary

Winter leaves traces inside our vehicle, but also outside and under the body. A complete cleaning is therefore very important both in the passenger compartment and under the vehicle, in the engine compartment and around the body. Ideally, we would like to have our vehicle’s spring cleaning performed by a specialist to ensure that we get rid of anything winter may have left behind.

The salt and sand left at the end of winter can damage both the paint of our vehicle and its body, as well as leave traces inside on the carpets and near the pedals. We have to make sure we remove all of that if we want to preserve the appearance and ultimately the resale value of our vehicle.

The importance of a complete mechanical inspection

Winter is particularly harsh with our vehicle’s engine, battery, suspension and wheel alignment. A full inspection when spring rolls around will allow us to determine if winter has damaged any important mechanical components of our vehicle.

Check tires, liquids and wipers

Once we’ve thoroughly cleaned our vehicle and inspected its mechanical components, it’s time to take a look at our summer tires to make sure they’re still in good condition and inflated to the right pressure. Then, it is always good to inspect our windshield wipers to make sure they have not been damaged by the fluctuations in outside temperature.

Thanks to Bathurst Honda for these tips!

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