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Prepare your car for the summer heat

There is no doubt that in Canada, the winter has a particularly negative effect on our vehicle. However, summer can also put a strain on its mechanical components, especially when it is hot outside and we have to travel several hundred kilometers every week. So to make sure the heat does not have an overly adverse effect on your car or SUV, here are some precautions to take before the first heat wave.

advice on summer heat cars

Keep an eye on your battery

“Your vehicle’s battery will need to work harder when it’s hot outside, just like when it’s very cold.  You therefore need to make sure it can handle it, and replace it if that’s not the case, ideally before the first heat wave,” says a technician at Bruce Ford.

As a matter of fact, hot weather can reduced your battery’s energy just as fast as cold weather. Therefore, if your battery has seen better days, it might be a good idea to replace it.

Check your air conditioning

Your air conditioning system will be highly solicited in the summer, and you therefore need to make sure it will be able to keep going and that the various filters that prevent pollen and other pollutants from sneaking are in good shape.

Take a look at the tires

The intense summer heat can cause your tires to wear out quickly if they are not inflated properly. We must also remember that damage to your tires may intensify when it is very hot out, increase the risk that the tire will burst. Therefore, make sure your tires are in good condition before the intense heat rolls around.

Protect the cockpit

The sun will have an adverse effect on your upholstery, especially leather. You want to protect them with a product that will moisturize the seat, along with a protective product for your dashboard which is constantly exposed to the sun.

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