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How to reduce fuel consumption in winter

It’s a well-known fact that winter increases our vehicle’s fuel consumption. Even if we adopt a proper driving behavior, cooler temperatures and the slipping and sliding that come with winter is certain to drive up our fuel economy.

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With that in mind, here are some tips to minimize our fuel consumption this winter.

Do not run the engine unnecessarily

We all know it’s cold in winter, but if we want to reduce fuel consumption, we must be careful not to let the engine run unnecessarily. An engine needs only minutes to heat up even if it’s very cold outside, and it’s not true that driving when the engine is still cold can damage mechanical components. Therefore, if you wish to save on fuel, do not leave your engine running for extended periods of time.

Slow down and don’t go out in the storm

If you can, avoid going out during a storm or just after when the roads are slippery. Having to accelerate heavily when taking off on an icy road increases fuel consumption. In addition, try to slow down and be more progressive with your vehicle’s engine. This will not only help improve fuel economy, but also improve safety.

Remove accessories

There are quite a few people who enjoy skiing or other winter sports. That said, if you want your vehicle to more fuel-efficient come winter, it may be wise to remove items such as roof boxes and ski racks. These increase aerodynamic drag and also add weight to your vehicle, thus increasing fuel consumption.

Also, if you are carrying items that you do not plan to use on a regular basis, like tools or sports equipment like a hockey back, you should remove them from your vehicle. They ultimately increase weight and again, reduce fuel-efficiency.

Thanks to Kentville Nissan for the tips.

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