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The return of the flying car

At least the idea of it, anyhow. Car manufacturers are always looking for an edge on their competitors. Some are working on EVs, others autonomous cars and in most cases, all are developing these technologies simultaneously. Toyota however, is interested in the idea of the flying automobile.

Their ambitions are in self-proclaimed early stages but that did not stop them from investing nearly $400,000 in a start-up company called Cartivator Resource Management. The Japanese giant’s interest in this transportation solution could be motivated by the coming of the Olympics in 2020, which would serve as an incredible stage to show off such an accomplishment. Also, they want to ignite the torch in a drive/fly-by…

The prototype, called the Sky Drive, uses an aluminum space frame, eight propellers and a number of sensors to fly. Recently, a test flight did not quite take flight, if you will. The Sky Drive hovered to eye level for a few moments before it crash-landed on the attached basketballs. They were intended to cushion the apparatus in the event of a drop but unfortunately; the flying car wouldn’t take off again.


Despite the disappointing test, Cartivator and Toyota are nowhere near giving up on this idea. A new prototype is expected in November as the pressure is on. There are many other companies vying for a piece of this potentially lucrative market. Google co-founder Larry Page and ride-hailing app Uber are two such “entitites” investing in the technology.



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