Summer maintenance for your car

It’s summer. The heat is overwhelming you, and any physical effort on your part requires extra energy that you are not certain you actually have inside you. Have you realized that your car also suffers from the heat?


Here are some tips that should help you to enjoy your car in summer, while ensuring that it will be able to stay cool as well.

1- Open the windows to cool down

When it is very hot, we all tend to put the air conditioning on maximum, and hopefully the car will cool quickly. Doing so adds quite a bit of strain to your vehicle however, and you only really gain a few degrees quickly. By lowering the windows, you increase air circulation and your cabin will ultimately cool down to a more comfortable level.

  1. Check the coolant often

Nothing worse than finding yourself right in traffic, and to suddenly see the temperature of your engine skyrocket because of low coolant levels. Overheating an engine will cause significant short and long term problems, so if you happen to see your engine temperature gauge climbing, it’s best to pull over and see what the problem is. Always carry extra coolant with you as well.

3- Monitor the tire pressure

The heat tends to inflate tires more than usual. Monitor air pressure in your tires often to avoid damages.

4- On the highway, roll with the windows up

We know, we just told you to put the windows down to cool the interior. Once that is done, however, you need to roll the windows back up in order to reduce external friction, especially if you are driving on the highway as friction leads to increased fuel consumption.

Thank you to Morrey Mazda for their help with this article.

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