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Important winter equipment for your car

With winter approaching, it’s normal to want to be ready. If you want to make sure you get to summer with an intact car and especially, to ensure the safety of your passengers when we must venture out on snowy or icy roads, here are a few important items you want to carry around with you. Here are some items ...

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How to reduce fuel consumption in winter

It’s a well-known fact that winter increases our vehicle’s fuel consumption. Even if we adopt a proper driving behavior, cooler temperatures and the slipping and sliding that come with winter is certain to drive up our fuel economy. With that in mind, here are some tips to minimize our fuel consumption this winter. Do not run the engine unnecessarily We ...

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A few tips to get out of the snow

At some point this winter, there is a good chance that unfortunately, you will be stranded in the snow. Indeed, icy roads and deep snow banks means that it gets harder to get up hills or get out of your parking lot, and we must resign ourselves to the fact that we will probably have to get out of a ...

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Buying a new Car: should you get a 2015 or a 2016?

buy a 2015 or a 2016

With fall comes the need to change for many automotive enthusiasts, and even those who are not that passionate. With the arrival of brand new 2016 models, many feel like their current car is outdated and they head over to their local dealership to sniff out what’s new. You then realize that the dealership in question has two variants of ...

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How to maximize your vehicle’s safety

car safety

So you are driving along, focused on the road with your eyes in front when all of a sudden the car ahead of you brakes suddenly. You do the same and narrowly avoid a rear-end collision. However, you suddenly feel a violent jolt behind your head as a book that was resting behind the rear seats suddenly comes flying into ...

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Take advantage of 0 % financing, or pay cash?

financing or cash payment

There are quite a bit of rebates offered on the purchase of a new vehicle, as well as significantly low-interest alternatives throughout the year. That said, it seems that there are more discounts at this time of the year. These discounts include plenty of no-interest financing options as well as large discounts on the purchase of a new vehicle when ...

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