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NEW CAR: Bentley’s first plug-in hybrid will be the Bentayga

And some say the auto industry hasn’t changed much… Ferrari’s doing turbos, Jaguar has a diesel SUV, and now Bentley’s SUV will be the first of the storied English brand’s line-up to feature plug-in hybrid technology. Odds are that the massively heavy and luxurious SUV’s new powertrain will be heavily based on the one found under the Porsche Cayenne S ...

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Top 10 best automotive interiors according to WardsAuto

Subaru Impreza

American publication WardsAuto unveiled its seventh annual top 10 interiors list this week. If expensive luxury cars occupy a good chunk of the list, there is also room for more wallet-friendly models. More so than last year, that’s for sure. WardsAuto’s editorial team trades the models during the year and each member evaluates the interior of a particular model according ...

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