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AUTO NEWS: Hyundai unveils next-generation hydrogen vehicle

Hyundai fuel cell vehicle

Like many manufacturers, Hyundai wants to offer greener vehicles, and in combination with Kia the Korean automaker wants to introduce no fewer than 31 eco-friendly models by 2020. To do so, Hyundai will go with a mix of technologies currently available, namely electric, hybrid and fuel cell engines. This week, Hyundai unveiled the next generation of its hydrogen-powered SUV that ...

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New buzz surrounds the Nissan Leaf

Usually, when we’re talking about a “buzz”, we’re speaking of the annoying sound emanating from mosquitoes as they circle the campfire at the end of a nice summer’s day. However, if the European Security Council’s eVader project (think about it…) is to ever see the light of day, it’s EVs that will be buzzing around us. The Council has determined ...

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