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Ford to cut all cars save for two

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This is big news. Ford CEO Jim Hackett said that they will not bring or give the Taurus, Fiesta, Fusion, C-Max and Focus sedans a next generation in North America. While we agree with all but the Fiesta, know that the Mustang will remain. A new addition will be the Chinese-built Focus Active crossover. This is all part of Ford’s “fitness” initiative ...

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2016 Ford Focus RS adds yet more performance to the EcoBoost name

Focus RS New York

New York, NY — It seems as though Ford is bent on making sure that people realize that just because a car is fitted with an “EcoBoost” engine, it doesn’t mean it has to be boring. First, there was the EcoBoost Mustang. Then, the EcoBoost-powered—and very good—2015 Ford Edge Sport. And now, there’s this: the Ford Focus RS, which made its ...

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First Drive: 2015 Ford Focus w/ EcoBoost 1.0

Whitefield, NH — When I sampled Ford’s 1.0-litre EcoBoost three-banger in the Fiesta last year, I was pleasantly surprised by just how capable it was. Actually, more so than just capable, I found it to be a genuinely peppy powerplant with a nice off-beat warble that actually reminded me a little of those great Audi five-bangers from the 1980s. Of ...

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“RS” moniker returns for 2016 Ford Focus

When the Ford Fiesta and Focus ST hatches debuted a year apart from each other, it was great for us North Americans. We were finally going to get some affordable performance love from the Blue Oval. After all, the Europeans had been getting the spiciest Ford products this side of the Mustang or GT for quite some time, with North ...

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