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CAR NEWS: Minnie Mouse drives a Honda Odyssey

Have you ever wondered what was driving Minnie Mouse? Me neither, but Honda, on the other hand, yes. It would be a heavily modified Honda Odyssey 2018 that features ears and a buckle on the roof. The whole is embellished with a pink painting with white peas. The car was unveiled as part of the D23 EXPO, a Disney event ...

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FIRST REVIEW: 2017 Honda Civic Type R

2017 Honda Civic Type R

We always want what we can’t have. Not so long ago, we had no GT-R, STI, R, EVO and no Type R. The last decade and a bit has been good to car and driving enthusiasts and now with the arrival of the Type R, everybody will be happy. The Honda Civic Type R has 20 years of experience under ...

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TECH: Honda’s LaneWatch side assist system

Honda’s LaneWatch system does not aim to replace the traditional blind spot monitoring system. It is, however, a complementary and more accessible technology as it is often offered in the mid-range versions of new Honda vehicles. Using a small camera positioned below the passenger side-view mirror, the LaneWatch system can display a detailed image of what is happening on the ...

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CAR REVIEW: 2017 Honda CR-V Touring

2017 Honda CR-V Touring

The Honda CR-V is in a heated four-way battle for the top stop in sales in the compact crossover segment with the Nissan Rogue, Ford Escape and Toyota RAV4. Year over year, the average increase in deliveries for these CUVs is of about 15% which is to say that the segment is on fire. Honda’s been at this game for ...

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2/3 Hondas to be electrified by 2030

Honda is no stranger to hybrid and electric vehicles. They, along with Toyota, were among the first mass-production OEMs to provide the average consumer with a hybrid vehicle. The Saturn EV1 is a whole other story… In a recent press meeting in Tokyo, Honda Motor Co., Ltd. President & CEO Takahiro Hachigo brought up the company’s plan that involves electrifying ...

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Buy a new car entirely online? It’s now possible

Conférence CH

The automotive industry has always lagged behind other retail industries, particularly in digital development. For example, it is possible to buy just about everything online except a car. A dealer located near Montreal would like to see that change, and yesterday announced the addition of an online module that allows the user to complete a transaction from beginning to end ...

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