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Passionate specialists are a dying breed

F&F Fabrication

As we sit in front of our screens witnessing historical changes in world of the automobile, many enthusiasts are clinging to the old ways as if our lives depended on it. And I do mean “our” as, even if I’m all for the electrification of the automobile, the wife and I refuse to relinquish our small collection of what I ...

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2018 volkswagen t-roc

The endless desire for crossover from the car buying public the world over is inspiring automotive brands to push utility vehicle design boundaries. The T-ROC is the German giant’s latest CUV and it positions itself just below the recently arrived Tiguan. Although there are great similarities between the compact T-ROC and the Audi Q2, the VW features some very distinct ...

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CAR REVIEW: 2017 Volkswagen e-Golf

2017 Volkswagen eGolf

What if I told you could take the kids to school in the morning, head to the office, go out for lunch, come home, five times a week, head to cottage country on the weekends and never have to worry about fuel, or range? Don’t think an electric car can do it today? In fact, if you plug your new ...

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CAR NEWS: Canadian government refuses to sue Volkswagen, gets sued instead

Two environmental groups have decided to sue the Canadian government, specifically Environment Minister Catherine McKenna, who has so far refused to sue Volkswagen for the diesel engine deal. Two groups, the Environmental Defense (ED) and Canadian Physicians for the Environment (CAPE), argue that Canada has an obligation to prosecute Volkswagen under the Environmental Protection Act. “Volkswagen deceived the public and ...

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NEW CAR: The Volkswagen Gen.E recharges with a robot

Unveiled (somewhat quietly) during Volkswagen’s Future Mobility Day that took place earlier this month, the Volkswagen Gen.E is a 100% electric concept car that emphasizes safety while offering good range and a design that could realistically find its way onto a production car. That’s why many people see in the Gen.E the next generation of the Volkswagen Golf E, which ...

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