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Charles Jolicoeur
Managing Editor
While he was completing his B.B.A with a concentration in Finance, he was also selling cars basically full-time, first at Volvo then at Subaru. As he was completing is graduate studies in Accounting, he started EcoloAuto.com.

When the time came to choose between cars and the business world, he chose both. He is the founder, general manager and managing editor of EcoloAuto.com, Ecolodriver.com, AutoAuFeminin.com, Womanandwheels.com, VUSMag.com, TrucksandSuv.com and LuxuryCarMagazine.com.

He also contributes daily to Autogo.ca and has worked with Les Affaires and Audi Magazine.

He lives in Montreal, Quebec
Charles JolicoeurCharles Jolicoeur
Dan Heyman
Dan Heyman's car enthusiasm probably came from Hot Wheels more than it did from the first car he owned (a basic-as-it-gets '92 Honda Civic LX sedan), but it's managed to help him craft the career of his dreams.

Today, Dan covers everything from new car reviews and comparisons, old car comparisons, road trips, industry news and auto shows, motorsport, and of course, diecast cars.

On day, Dan plans on owning a ’69 Mustang Mach I, which he considers the all-time ultimate Mustang. If that doesn’t happen, than any Porsche Boxster will do. He currently resides and drives in Vancouver, British Columbia.
Daniel Heyman@danthewheelmanHeizy15
David Letourneau
Special Contributor
David's father was as passionate about cars as he is, and he taught him basically everything he knows about cars. His curiosity, his training as a writer, and his interests for everything automotive, he uses his writing to inform and entertain others who share his passion.

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