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Tesla looks towards the next frontier: charging the home

Already well known for its high-performance electric vehicles, Tesla is turning its attention to a battery system for the home in order to diversify its portfolio. Tesla hopes to create a system that converts solar energy and wind power to electricity for the household.


It will help households decrease their dependence on the grid. Using what’s likely to be litium-ion batteries, it will charge when the power demand is low, and help provide power when more electricity is needed, such as in the evenings or on weekends.

Numerous media outlets have speculated that the system will be properly revealed at a special event at the Tesla design centre in Los Angeles, CA on April 30. Called “The Missing Piece” by Tesla, we know that Thursday’s reveal will not be a car.

While the Californian enterprise hasn’t yet confirmed the plan to power the home, founder  did say in February that he would like to offer the tech this year.

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