Three Tips for Winter Driving

Winter is already upon us and while several regions have not yet had their first real snowstorm, we know it will not be very long before ice and snow begin covering our roads. Canadians know how to drive in the snow, we are used to it and we know what awaits us this winter. That said, it’s always important to remind ourselves of a few winter driving tips before we head out to face the wintery roads that are coming.

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Your vehicle must be equipped appropriately

“Safe winter driving always starts with your winter tires,” says a technician at !!!! It’s impossible to achieve a stable, reassuring drive on snow and ice without winter tires. So make sure you install your winter tires as soon as the temperature drops below seven degrees on a regular basis, and also make sure they are still in good condition. If there is one area you do not want to skimp, your tires would be it.

In addition to your tires, it may be wise to replace your normal wipers with models designed for winter use in order to get better visibility.

Slow down

In winter, it’s important to always slow down on the road. Because of the snow and ice, braking distances increase while grip becomes harder to come by in sharp turns. Make sure you are driving at reasonable speeds so you have time to react to a loss of traction.

Make sure you have a survival kit

Make sure to always have in your vehicle the following: first aid kit, warm clothing including gloves, mittens, socks, a hat and a scarf… just in case you happen to be stranded somewhere for a long time. It may also be a good idea to make sure you have booster cables, salt and traction aids as well.

Thanks to Jaguar Metro West for their help with this article.

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