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A few tips when it comes to parking

Many of us have been there before. That unfortunate moment when you come back to your car in the parking lot and realize that a door has been dinged and, of course, there is not a single note to be found anywhere. Although there is no way to completely prevent this from happening, there are a few tricks you can use to prevent other vehicle owners from damaging your car when parking, as well as make your own parking maneuvers a lot easier.


Park near the new cars

Some will say this makes absolutely no difference, but the reality is that there is a lesser chance that a new-vehicle owner will open their doors recklessly and in the process ding your vehicle. Also, avoid parking too close to other vehicles either beside you or behind or in front. Although your vehicle may have a backup camera, other vehicles may not and they may use your car to figure out if they still have room or not…

Back up into your parking

It may not seem like it, but it’s actually easier to back into your parking spot than go in with the front-end first. Because the car pivots around the rear wheels, you will be able to cut the angles more closely, and it will be a lot easier to leave your parking spot.

Parking on a hill

When parking on a hill, make sure you put on the emergency brake and also, make sure you turn your wheels away from the road so that if the car begins to roll, it will roll into the sidewalk or side of the road and not all the way down.

Thank you to Bruce GM Middleton for their help with this article.

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