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Tips for improving fuel economy in winter

Some like winter and others despite it. What is certain, however, is that your vehicle doesn’t like it. Winter wreaks havoc on your car, and on its fuel economy. That said, by following a few simple tips, you can ensure that winter and everything that comes with it isn’t too harsh on your vehicle’s fuel economy.


Do not let engine idle for too long

Yes, it’s cold in the winter. There is no doubt about that. So it’s often tempting to let your engine idle for minutes on end before you hit the road to avoid an icy cabin. The problem is that this will have a very negative impact on your fuel consumption. The majority of new vehicles heat up faster nowadays, and the reality is that the cabin will warm up faster when you are driving.

Make sure your tire pressure is where it should be

Winter tires are a necessity in winter, but their distinctive thread pattern means that there is more friction with the road, which leads to an increase in fuel consumption. There is not much to do about that but it is possible to minimize the impact of winter tires on our fuel economy by ensuring that our tires are always inflated to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Slow down

How you drive your vehicle is the main determining factor when it comes to fuel consumption. The key is to avoid sudden accelerations and braking, and instead drive in a more linear fashion. These behaviors are even more important in winter as roads are frozen and conditions are unpredictable. So, in addition to reducing your fuel consumption in winter, slowing down when you are out on the road will also keep you safe.

Remove excess weight

Weight is the number one enemy of fuel economy. It’s tempting to leave your hockey equipment or bags of salt and sand in your car all winter, but it will have a definite impact on your gas mileage. Try as much as possible to remove any unnecessary weight from your vehicle.

Thank you to Mendes Toyota for their help with this article!

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