A few tips to stay safe this fall

Most Canadians have learned how to drive in winter. We know how important it is to slow down, leave enough room with other vehicles, and have proper winter tires. When spring comes along, however, we tend to relax a little, and forget that dangerous road conditions can exist even in other seasons, including fall.


Here are a few tips to help you stay safe when fall rolls around.

Watch for leaves

No matter which tires you have on your vehicle (summer, all-season, winter), it’s basically impossible to grip a leaf, and in fall, there are a lot of leaves on the road. Worst, these leaves tend to be wet, which means that you can lose control of your vehicle very easily. The best thing to do is to slow down when you see leaves on the road, especially in tight turns.

Don’t be blinded by the sun

The sun in autumn can be spectacular, but it can also blind you, especially on the way home in the evening as it will be setting earlier. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to have sunglasses with you in your vehicle in fall to deal with the brighter-than-usual sun.

Beware of changing conditions

Fall weather tends to fluctuate greatly, and that means that when you leave in the morning, the roads may be icy even if they look perfectly fine. If you have yet to install your winter tires, remember to slow down when you leave the house, or when the weather hovers around 0 degrees.

Thank you to City Mazda for their help with this article.

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