Here are five tips to save fuel

Drivers have surely noticed in the last few weeks that the price of gas has gone down. It was about time many will say, and others would concur. That said, it’s still not a bad idea to try and maximize each tank of gas, even if the price of said gas is lower. The following tips will help you do just that.

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The benefits of using the following tips will not only make sure your gas tank remains fuller longer, but it will also help the environment. Regardless of the vehicle you are driving, these tips will help you cut down on your fuel consumption, and cut down on the emissions your vehicle creates.

“Everybody wants to save on gas, and everybody wants to help the environment. Sometimes, we need a vehicle with a bigger engine and that’s fine, but by taking a few simple steps, we can minimize the impact of our engine on our wallet and also make it a lot more eco-friendly” sales a sales rep at Turner Volkswagen.

Take off as soon as you start

Try not to let the engine run for no reason, even when it’s cold. You will heat up your vehicle a lot faster if you are driving then simply letting idle. Even if it is very cold, three minutes are enough to warm up the engine. Remember that a vehicle’s engine that is idle uses 25 % more fuel!

Keep things soft

Avoid braking too hard or accelerating by flooring the right pedal. To save fuel, brake sooner and lighter, and accelerate in a linear fashion.

Plan ahead

Try to get the most done in one commute. This will allow you to driver longer when your engine has reached its optimal driving temperature. Moreover, try to avoid driving in traffic when not necessary.

Keep your engine clean and running strong

A vehicle in good mechanical condition will always offer better fuel economy than a vehicle that is in poor mechanical condition. Make sure to keep your vehicle serviced and fix any mechanical issues when they arise.

Follow the speed limit

It’s not an easy proposition, but it certainly will help you maximize your fuel economy. Speed is a major enemy of fuel-efficiency, and even lowering our speed by 10 km/h can have strong benefits.

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