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Top Gear expands host roster

Adam Sandler had his Ridiculous 6. Quentin Tarantino, his Hateful 8. Now, it appears that the BBC has its Magnificent 7.


For those that were lamenting the apparent loss of both Sabine Schmitz and Chris Harris from the Top Gear roster, fear not. After it was confirmed that Eddie Jordan and Matt LeBlanc were going to be taking the reins, the BBC has announced that the new season of the show (it starts May 23rd), will look a whole lot different than it has previous.

Instead of just three presenters, Top Gear has expanded its roster to include Harris, Schmitz and Rory Reid, the latter having earned his spot on the show after winning an online audition in July of ’15. Add The Stig, and you’ve got a seven-strong roster of motoring minds that will do their best to make us forget that Jeremy Clarkson even existed.

Now, that’s not likely to happen, but the expanded roster does raise some intriguing questions. Most notable of which, of course, is just what are they going to do with all these personalities? Reports have main host Chris Evans struggling with some aspects of the road-testing portion of the job; will this be left for Harris? Will Schmidt only be doing racetrack specials? Will Reid—who has a background in online video—be only doing online supplements?

We’ll have to wait until May to find out.



Photo credit: BBC


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